BRAHMS at RHIC - Overview

Broad RAnge Hadron Magnetic Spectrometers Experiment at RHIC

The BRAHMS detector will provide RHIC with the capability for measuring inclusive momentum specta of identified charged hadrons over a wide range in rapidity and transverse momentum.
Our collaboration consists of approximately 50 physicists from 12 institutions.

For the general overviews, A good place to start is with the various contributions to the Quark Matter Conferences. Much greater detail on all aspects of the experiment may be found in the Conceptual Design Report, which was last updated in July 1995.

Some useful figures

A quick overview of BRAHMS.

Where Do Nucleons Go?

How do we study RHI Collisions?

The central Au+Au reaction at RHIC.

The Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) and BRAHMS.

Example of 'high' pt measurements of pions at large rapidity.

The acceptance versus rapidity and transverse momentum.

The acceptance versus transverse momentum.

A schematic layout of the various magnets and detector elements.

A bird's eye view of the experiment in the two-o'clock hall at RHIC.

A perspective view of BRAHMS detector system.

Expected charged particle multiplicities at each detectors.

Tracking and PID of BRAHMS.

Trigger system of BRAHMS.

Bose-Einstein Correlations at the Mid-Rapidity Arm of BRAHMS.

Phi measurements at the Mid-Rapidity Arm with BRAHMS.


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