CuCu Preshower preliminary plots for day 48 run

The goal of this analysis is to callibrate the pre-shower detector in the Barrel Calorimeter. This dataset used the Cu-Cu 2005 run with min. bias and hightower trigger, Production lib. P06ib

ADC Plot, pre-shower, CuCu 2005, min-bias

This plot still shows two peaks in the data with all the dat 48 data

Image adc_pre_show

ADC full tower

Image acdT

Tower ID

A non uniform distribution of hits is shown on the tower ID plot

Image Id

Some basic stability checks

There was approx. 120,000 events in these data sets. This was binned as appox. 5700 events per bin and checked to see how stable the data was over this time period. These values seem to be stable

ADC Pre shower

Image ave_adc_evt

ADC for full tower

Image adtT

Tower ID number

Image av_id_per_evt