Mapping for 2007

The mapping for 2007 was complicated by the fact that it was an Au AU run with high background and that a direct comparison with 2006 pp will not cover the full range of the preshower as we gained new channels in the 2007 run

Mappings from the 2006 investigation have been applied, these mapping have also been tested in 2006 data with tracking and shows that these swaps "put back" the MIP peak

This also seems to be true in a few test cases for the 2007 data

Tower Swaps from data sheet

I have also applied the tower swaps from the Tube Hookup diagram, these show up as back arrows that swap towers on this diagram

Method of investigation

I tried a couple of methods but the 2007 background swamps any signal seen in the data, finally I used the following:

  1. A track has to pass though the tower

  2. The track has to pass -0.01 < eta and phi from the tower centre, to miss the edges of the tower

  3. The +/-60 odd preshowers are recorded either side of the tower

  4. The tower and the preshower have to be above pedestal, I vary this to clean the background, this is set to look at 5 Sigma at the moment

The following show that that the mapping seems not to be too bad with what we have

NOTE: I have the PMT plot by plot for this, but to quickly remake these plots I stored the raw values in a ROOT file, I wrote that code last night so need to check that it is OK, I will post that later today

There was also some more runs on RCAS last night so I can add this as well

There are two types of plots:

1) Preshower vs. Preshower-Tower, this is the same as done for the pp

1) Preshower vs. Preshower-Tower vs. Preshower slope above Pedestal

OK, so until I put these up, I made a ROOT plot of the raw data to show how this looks so far

Here the overall plot seems not to show any really bad sections, the blue line runs across the center "0". The White sections are masked sections from bprs_tubehookup_run7.pdf, there is a section at around 500 with hot towers, tube 1 seems to be bad here so I will add a mask to that

Here "mixed[0]" is the preshower softID and "mixed[4]" is the tower softId

Here is a section that showed up, it is on sections we have swapped from 2006 pp

This section I know what is going on, the swaps from 2006 pp are here but they follow the tower swaps in the bprs_tubehookup_run7.pdf, so I have effectively put them back by adding these swaps, I will need to remove these from my table..


First, the final plots I am producing may show something more, but as far as I can tell the mapping for 2007 is not bad at first look

The bprs_tubehookup_run7.pdf swaps need to be checked vs. the swaps from 2006pp, where they cross

PMT crate 21, is doing something strange, was it this crate that we swapped a cable with during access, I will try removing the swap here and seeing if that fixes it

Looking at the "Slope" from the preshower ADC may clear this up as a Preshower that is detecting signal may have a drastic enough slope that it will clean this plot up further over the background