Mip peak for run 6 pp data

There was some discussion about the MIP in the PP data and how close it is to the pedestal. My understanding of this at the moment is that the pedestal in the PP database is of unknown origin so I tried to generate these myself. To this extent I tried some pedestal fitting to the PP data without tracking, see:


I then had some files from Adam, for PP data with tracking, and tried to match these to the generated pedestals. The result needs more work. There were effects that could have been due to pedestal drift (that are currently being investigated by Matt) and, of course, mapping effects.

Current plots

With the above caveats, I can show some plots for the MIP candidates. Avoiding anything that has been tagged with bad mapping, these plots show possible MIP candidates, with the condition there must be a second peak after the pedestal.

In these plots, the thick black line is the fit for the pedestal from the untracked data, the thin line is the data with tracking

These plots show the possible MIP peak has a huge width. This could be due to some sort of drift over runs maybe.

All plots here (including bad mapping etc)

Example: 1851-1853

Example: 2341-2360 (Only 3 shown in this here)

Example: 2361-2380 (Only 3 shown in this here)