2007 New Swaps List

This analysis is continues from last week. 2007 swaps

Here are some notes that were found important to this analysis. Unlike the 2006 analysis, where the plots were made by Y axis: Preshower-tower vs X axis:preshower, with no tracking,

Now we have traking in this case we use the method that where the tower that was hit by the TPC track we record the +/- 60 preshowers around this tower, all plots must be made using:

Y axis: preshower-tower X axis: tower

Using the recorded preshowers as the X will smear the results


I increased the data used in the sample to some 50k events, this seperated the good preshowers over background to a clear signal


The swaps from the 2006 analysis were included in the tracking, so any swaps we see here will be unique to 2007, this class contains these swaps

2007 swap function

The one modification made to this are the swaps

  1. case(3181): prsSignalId = 3208; break;
  2. case(3182): prsSignalId = 3207; break;
  3. case(3183): prsSignalId = 3206; break;
  4. case(3184): prsSignalId = 3205; break;
  5. case(3185): prsSignalId = 3204; break;
  6. case(3186): prsSignalId = 3203; break;
  7. case(3187): prsSignalId = 3202; break;
  8. case(3188): prsSignalId = 3201; break;

The reflections were added to these swaps otherwise the 3208-3201 values would be overwritten

Swap plots

Swap plots

These plots take the same form as the 2007 plots, the new feature here are a few +/- 1 swaps, are these real, for example, around tower 2271?

To test this a few of the +/- 1 swaps ADC preshower values were plotted, for the +/- 1 tower. It was expected that if the channel was good we should see more data than a bad channel, this was the case

Preshower ADC ==Tower 2270 bad distributuion

(Preshower-1) ADC ==Tower 2270 good distribution

It was then assumed that these +-1 swaps were real.

Also note the run of bad towers seen in "Tube 5" on the east side

Swaps 2007

Final swaps file:

Files of swaps for 2007 to update 2006

New swap functions


I set this whole analysis chain running with the new swap file and I will repost these plots when it is finish, it should be flat if they worked