Update for the BPRS

New data is being produced with the following:

* Tower adc must be 2.5 RMS above Pedestal

* More statistics

* Swaps from 2006 included

* Correct triggers for MB

This data is running and I will post as soon as it is done

For now, this is the data from last week, with the following

* 200K Events

* Tower adc must be 2.5 RMS above pedestal

* TriggerId greater that 1000

In these plots the statisitcs are low due to the tower cut that was added

However, the MIP peak seems to be quite well defined over the pedestal

Plots Without Tracking

Plots With Tracking and tower condition

All Plots Without Tracking tar file

All Plots With Tracking and tower condition tar file

Some examples:

430 with tracking

430 no tracking

1000 with tracking

1000 no tracking

1500 with tracking

1500 no tracking


It seems that the MIP peak can be seperated but the quality of the seperation varies from channel to channel. Independent gains may help resolve this, otherwise the efficency of the channels will have to be changed to compensate for cases where the MIP peak overlaps the pedestal