Mapping aligned to PMT boxes

This is a reproduction of the mapping plots seen before but this time aligned to the PMT boxes

Previous plots

The previous plots can be found here:

These plots span units of 40, ie, one module. The relation between the module numbers and the channels are, mod.==int(1+chan/40).

To include the PMT boxes, which span 80 channels, the numbering has to be offset on the east and west side. This is an effect from one PMT box spanning one whole module plus two submodule either side, plus an effect of the box numbering not starting from the same postion on the east and west ends.

PDF of BEMC layout spanning a PMT box here

PMT box plots and some notes on the numbering in the filename

To aid identification of the PMT boxes the mapping plots have been reproduced spanning 80 channels and aligned to the PMT box numbering.

The file name numbering is as follows, start channel of the plot and PMT box number:


The PMT boxes on the east side and west have a jump in channel numbers where the BEMC wraps around the barrel, for the east and west side, these jumps are marked with a "X" in the file name, they are easy to spot as they are two histograms on one canvas. For the east side this split is on PMT box 2 (and PMT box 1 for the west side)

All plots in .tar.gz

East Side

West Side