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Si Dead Layer

  • Charge States and Charge-Chaingin Cross Sections of Fast Heavy Ions Penertating Through Gaseous and Solid Media, Hans-dieter Betz, Rev.Mod.Phys. 44 (1972) 465 (13MB)
  • Measured stopping powers of 12C and 14N ions in thin elemental foils, D.C. Santry and R.D.Werner, NIM B53 (1991) 7
  • Stopping power for MeV 12C ions in solids, Z.Tao et al, NIM B135 (1998) 169
  • Stopping power values of Be, C, Al and Si for 4He ions, D.C. Santry and R.D.Werner, NIM 178 (1980) 523

Square Root Formula

  • Techniques for measurement of spin-1/2 and spin-1 polarization anlyzing tensors, NIM 109 (1973) 41

Carbon Target

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